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How to solve your challenges in these easy ways

Unforgettable Keynote Speeches,  Short powerful TED style talks and Practical Workshops:

Thought leadership. You will be provoked to think and inspired to act.  Book now

Really inspiring. Thanks for pushing me to think out of the box!!!   Google #Think 

SPECIAL:  Seven Talks & Workshops for 2017  NEWDownload.pdf


#UNCERTAINTYWhat strategic mind-set & leadership toolkit do you need to navigate the current global uncertainty?

#NEURO-COLLABORATIONThinking-Together & Working-Out-Loud – Increase productivity and global alignment.

#METAMORPHOSISTransformation programs are failing us. How to re-form your legacy organisation to outperform digital disruptors?

#AGILITYSuccessful speed. How to coordinate “Foggy” change in a turbulent business environment.

#PERSUASIONAt high levels of innovation resistance rises. How to get just about anyone to follow your lead when doing something new.

#HUMAN-MACHINEVisions and strategies for the future of work in a world where machines are stronger and smarter than us.

#DIGITISED-MEEddie is unique among Digital gurus. He lives what he talks about. For the past five years Eddie has lead a globally dispersed business using digital tools & skills in an extraordinary

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EDDIE OBENG’s POWERFUL PRESENCE at your conference, board meeting or event:

20 minute talk,

45-60 minute keynote speeches,

Half or full-day workshops

Contact us to tell us your needs in detail.  

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“Amazing energetic presentation”  Procter & Gamble

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Eddie Obeng qubot sitting at desk QUBE (eddie obeng's Copy)

Learn digitally on QUBE  Enhanced Reality, interactive Learn+DoWare.

2 hour intimate Masterclass.

PLUS Collaboration/community help with application.

PLUS 1 hour coaching session 4 weeks later

Dates and times see Cart


#UNCERTAINTY 16:30-18:00UK 25/04/17

#NEURO-COLLABORATION 16:30-18:00UK 27/04/17

#METAMORPHOSIS 16:30-18:00UK 28/04/17

#AGILITY 16:30-18:00UK 02/05/17

#PERSUASION 16:30-18:00UK 03/05/17

#HUMAN-MACHINE 16:30-18:00UK 04/05/17

#DIGITISED-ME 16:30-18:00UK 05/05/17

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“QUBE an innovative virtual world from Pentacle The Virtual Business School”  Financial Times

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Talks on QUBE


An Evening MasterClass at the Virtual Business School 20 London End Beaconsfield HP9 2JH UK (15 minutes from London Heathrow)

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Dates to be confirmed

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“Ten years after first working with Eddie we still use ‘BubbleDiagrams’ and ‘StickySteps’!”   British Energy

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Free thought leadership articles:

Future of work small
In the 1960s the futurists predicted that workers would only be doing ‘a single day’s work’ by the start of the 21st century as the machines got better workers would move to supervising the machines. For 1970’s futurists, the ‘paperless office’ was the for them this paperless world was to be delivered through technology, This would free workers to do ‘other’ things.  What has always been common to these predictions of the future of work is Technology is seen as driving the change. The human beings are passive bystanders

17997214 - collaborating for growth as a business agreement and cooperation concept in financial success between a group of partners working together as a concept of two arrow shaped trees with roots in the form of a hand shake

ZERO:  Delivering Programmes & Projects Perfectly


Business Education:

Need Digital Transformation, Leadership, Innovation, Change delivery, Projects, Organisation design for agility?  Eddie Obeng’s holistic World After Midnight portfolio delivers joined-up outcomes.  More from Pentacle the Virtual Business School   Contact to discuss now

Executive Workshops:

Behaviour Change, Mindset shift, Concrete deliverable.  Eddie Obeng is a master at engaging , aligning and encouraging collaboration and gaining engagement   Contact to discuss now

Corporate Companion:

Build a trusted relationship and have Eddie Obeng future map, guide, challenge and warn your organisation over a number of years   Contact to discuss now

Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs) & Frameworks:

Eddie Obeng has researched, developed and created over 300 popular PETS to cover most business management and leadership situations. You may have come across StickyStepsTM for planning in uncertainty or GapLeapTM for creating a business case in 7 minutes or Hopes&FearsTM for aligning people quickly for effective collaboration

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