What everybody ought to know about our complex, fast-changing, digital world

Invent Tomorrow:   Who Killed the Sparq?-A 21st century take on innovation, New Rules for the New World-12 principles for clarity in uncertainty

Deliver Tomorrow:   All Change!– Everything you need to understand to make your change work, Perfect Projects-Eddie’s favourite Performance Enhancement Tools (PETS) for Projects, Putting Strategy to Work-A Framework for Turning Vision into Reality

Lead & Animate People:   The Complete Leader-Guiding the Guide in uncertainty, Never Reorganise Again-Virtual Team/NetWorking for a Digital World, Soundbytes– Inspiration for the Lonely New World Traveller

Ensure Results:   Money Making MachineFocusing effort for Fun & Profit

Deliver Today:   Making Re-engineering Happen – Process Alignment in a Changing World

“‘Making it happen’ is Obeng’s constant refrain and his books are an antidote to the dryness of much managerial theorising. They come complete with their lessons in fictional form and implementation techniques such as rat-holing, blowing bubbles and the sticky steps approach to planning. Old World they are not.”  Financial Times

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