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2017- Future of work in a post-Digital Age  – Also on LinkedIn

ZERO:  Delivering Programmes & Projects Perfectly

Perspective, People, Practitioners, Purpose, Performance

 Keynote Speeches: An hour of thought leadership. You will be provoked to think and inspired to act  Book now

TED style talks:   Short powerful unforgettable messages   Book now

Business Education:  Need Digital transformation, Leadership, Innovation, Change delivery, Projects, Organisation design for agility?  Eddie Obeng’s holistic World After Midnight portfolio delivers joined-up outcomes   Contact to discuss now

Executive Workshops:  Behaviour Change, Mindset shift, Concrete deliverable.  Eddie Obeng is a master at engaging , aligning and encouraging collaboration and gaining engagement   Contact to discuss now

Corporate Companion:  Build a trusted relationship and have Eddie Obeng future map, guide, challenge and warn your organisation over a number of years   Contact to discuss now

Performance Enhancement Tools (PETs) & Frameworks:  Eddie Obeng has researched, developed and created over 300 popular PETS to cover most business management and leadership situations. You may have come across StickyStepsTM for planning in uncertainty or GapLeapTM for creating a business case in 7 minutes or Hopes&FearsTM for aligning people quickly for effective collaboration

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